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who do you coach?

My executive coaching is aimed at established and emerging leaders in the arts and charities - where I have extensive work experience.


You might be the charity's Chair leading on change management,  a CEO facing funding challenges, perhaps a recently promoted member of SMT keen to prove your worth, or someone new to management, or maybe you are a seasoned leader experiencing health issues....  My coaching can help anyone with work goals or challenges who welcomes a supportive space for exploration and improving achievements   


You can be any age, gender, sexuality, race and culture - I have experience of working well with a wide range of us humans! LGBQT+

what are your fees?

Usually from £150 to £350 per hour   depending on your organisation's income.  

Remember good organisations support the use of their training and development budgets for coaching's bespoke approach, just as much as more traditional training courses. So don't be shy to put forward how you think an investment in coaching will benefit you.

However, if you need to pay personally, please let me know as this may impact the fee I will charge.

where do you work?

Online - anywhere.

Inside - in outer London, in affordable, good rooms in Forest Hill, Brockley and Haggerston.

In central London - locations to be discussed.

Outside - 'walk and talk' coaching in London's lovely parks or along the River Thames.  

Some clients like to start off in person, and move online.

Your organisation pays for expenses such as out of London travel, and room hire.

how does coaching help?

Coaching gives you a confidential place to identify your goals, explore the challenges you are facing, and gain insight into what can change and how you can develop.  


It can be chance to offload, reboot and gain fresh perspectives - it allows you to stand back from your problems and aspirations and come to see new ways ahead.

You can gain greater self-compassion, awareness and confidence - and cope with work and life stresses better.


executive or life coaching?

As an integrative specialist, I tailor my work to suit you - so if, for example, your work challenges are rooted in your life (past or present), then I will be happy to explore this with you.   I am trained therapist, so you are in safe hands.

I have a special interest in managing health issues  - see section below.

how long for?

How long is a piece of string?   How long will depend on what you want to achieve.  

We will review together - what the key goals are, when it is time to stop, restart, or phase our work differently.  

I suggest you commit to at least 4 to 6 sessions with any new coach and see how things develop. 

what coaching theories do you use?

I am an integrative practitioner - this means that although I well versed in many different theories and tools used in coaching,  I am not limited by one particular approach.  I adapt and develop my work to suit you.

Your connection with you coach really matters - so I suggest you contact a few people you like the look of, trust your instinct - and find someone who helps you feel safe to open up and explore. Good luck.

why focus on 'health matters'

Coping with a new or chronic health condition is hard - on the person concerned and their employers.

My confidential 'health matters' coaching gives supportive employers the opportunity to help you navigate your Wheel of Health, including: 

  • Managing your condition

  • Recuperation, Relapse and Recovery 

  • Energy management and Pacing

  • Planning for a changed future -  'reasonable adjustments'

  • Loss 

  • Being 'disabled'

  • Career goals and money 

  • Anger and acceptance

Expect a ready listening ear for the frustrations and fears that can be hard to share with family, let alone employers.  And a companion in finding a new ways to live your life as fully as you can.

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